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Our referral program will earn you additional income, by bringing new investors into the system. Our goal is to build a widespread global partner network. To this end, we provide special conditions for our partners. After registering on the website, each user receives unique affiliate link in his personal account. You can use this link to register other investors. It works quite simply. You place your unique link(or bright animated banners, which are also available in your account) on your website, at numerous forums on investment or just share this link with your friends. As soon as someone clicks on link link and passed the registration procedure, he automatically becomes your referral. It remains to wait until your referral will start investing. However, if your referral makes another deposit you will receive your procent of its amount again. Thus, you can earn even without own deposit! Affiliate commission can be withdrawn to your e-wallet, or used to make a new deposit.


Invite your friends to register new account with your referral link and start to earn money for free.

Level1 - 10%

Level2 - 1%

Level3 - 1%


Deposit min 125 (or 0.0125) and join VIP referral program (email request).

Level1 - 15%

Level2 - 2%

Level3 - 1%

15% - 2% - 1%

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